what’s going to you my name is FG 3000 I’m back in the place to be and welcome to free fire this is a battle royale game that happens to be the most downloaded battle royale game of all time it’s currently sitting at over 500 million lifetime downloads on Android half a billion people can’t be wrong you can make a half a million plus 1 because FG liked this game too so let’s go ahead and jump on in  now what I did differently this time around because I’ve been fighting so many bots and all these battery out games I got to the point where I can unlock to Rank 2 mode so we’re gonna be going into a ranked match there shouldn’t be any bus there alright so let’s go ahead and get started I’m in this game you can actually bring some supplies to get started off with as well so I’m actually gonna go ahead and I guess we’ll take a supply crate and go ahead and jump on in to at the rank 2 match now those are limited so you can’t just like non-stop always bring those extra goodies to your combat with you so do keep that in mind because they just do not grow on trees so here we are ladies and gentlemen playing a little bit of free fire now I know just recently the last game I played was pub G and I basically declared that game to be the very best battle royale game currently on mobile and I do standby that the game is optimized better has a higher skill ceiling the gun plays a little bit better as well but I gotta say that I find free fire more fun pub G I can like I said on a technical level objectively I feel like it’s the better game but I have more fun with free fire and I think it’s due to the more arcadedey nature of the gunplay and that’s not necessarily a bad thing it just really depends on what you’re looking for um so I just have more fun with it and I find myself queuing up more like when I play puppy I play a few games and I’m like alright I’m done for the day maybe it’s just – I hate to say the word intense but maybe just something about the game just doesn’t lend itself well for me personally to continue queuing up over and over and over again free fire I did  not have that problem I’m like constantly Riku aback up into the map when it comes here cutting stuff free fire here um as you guys can see over here this big blue circle basically the best gear drops there it’s not always there just really depends so you have a decision to make do you go directly for the place where all the best gear is or do you go for someplace slightly outside of the best place that you can kind of relax a little bit and not have to worry about a lot of people because if someone’s gonna be dropping in this area they’re gonna be dropping here I think so I’m actually gonna say screw that noise oh it’s going that way huh let’s go to Riverside instead I’m gonna do that instead cuz I feel like if they’re in this area they’re gonna be going for that place right over there FG proof so I should be fine so we’re gonna go down here another thing that I like in addition to the more arcadey nature of the gunplay is the character models in this game are far superior than Call of Duty as well as pop G and I’ll show you why once we get on the ground all right we should be fine like a like I feel like I’m right about this I feel like as long as I’m over here there’s not really gonna be a lot of people contesting in this area so we can kind of relax a little bit talk about a little bit of game play here we go I don’t need that yeah the character models so in pub G and a Call of Duty mobile when you see the character models in those games you really only get to see kind of like the upper torso for the most part and in a game like this you know all jokes aside when it comes to a game like this yes the Battle Royale gameplay is fun but over over time the thing that you’re kind of building the most towards is basically what is this thing oh god what the go for it okay I didn’t mean to do that the thing that you’re going to be building most towards in a game like this after a while is building new and more crazier and crazier outfits so I feel like if that’s going to be your method of progression in a game you got to make sure that your outfits look good and in those games you really don’t get to see much of your outfits you really only get to see in the upper torso and let me tell you the ladies and gentlemen FG you want to see the lower torso as well and you can do that here in the world of free fire so I like the character the perspective of the character much more in this game by far and like I said the rkt nature a little bit more fun as well I always find myself cueing back up even when I lose in spectacular fashion but today we gonna lose ladies and gentlemen ranked match we gotta go serious mode on this one here we go just kind of building up here no real need to kind of go anywhere out of this area at the moment let’s just go ahead and make sure that we are as strong as we possibly can because we know a lot of those other people went to that you know that really good area with all the good gear this is like a little thing that can make your gear better I think I’m still new still very very new let’s go ahead and check the map here we are definitely safely in there what I would really like to get it’s got a bag there first to de storm or things what I would really like to get would be a VSS I would love to have one of those that would be the best because you guys know me I like to kind of fight from a distance I’m the worst when I’m like going inside buildings and surprised I’m terrible then but if I could move nice a vest very very good there as well more med kits all right so we’re doing pretty decent here like I said that was a pretty good call by FG there by going to a place where I knew it would be a little less occupied right next to the main little area so what we can do now is make our way towards that really populated area and find ourselves some action oh that’s actually a pretty good weapon I think this is that plasmid gun I think let’s try it out alright let’s get moving don’t have a good sniper though so I’m really not happy about that there’s 41 people alive in this game it’s actually a little smaller than other battle royale games battle again most of the other ones are like a hundred players this one’s only gonna be 50 also the games are a lot faster as well so yeah you do get to fight less people but I feel like the games don’t drag on as much this is gonna take damage [Music] um the games don’t drag on as much here in a free-fire which I actually appreciate quite a bit you guys saw my pup G video was like 30 hours long this one I assure you will not be that long alright I didn’t mean to do that imma take a look around here a little bit I don’t want to go directly over into that area I feel like most people are probably done with it though like by now either they’re dead or they’ve already gotten everything they needed here we’re safely in the circle there’s no real rush to go anywhere but for the sake of the youtubes we gotta go find some of that action plenty of vehicles on the map as well in this game more so than I feel like pup G had I’m considering how big that map isn’t pub G I fill with level 3 helmet we’ll take it I I feel like the map should be should have more vehicles but you know I didn’t play that game a lot so I couldn’t tell you if I’m just like looking in the wrong direction so I’ll concede that fact barely is gentleman anything going on FG I don’t see nothing I’ll see nothing at all everything looks good so 39 people alive right now got to be careful when it comes to these because I feel like everyone just loves camping and you guys know I’m not I’m not that camping type that’s not me but in the meantime we’ll continue taking some good stuff here once again take a little take a little scan we are basically in the blue circle and I don’t see anybody here so I feel like they’ve already ransacked all the stuff I’m safe stone is shrinking there’s a little uh what do you call those things at UAV and basically if you get caught under that UAV people can see you on the map so that’s actually kind of a cool feature as well man where is everyone right now there’s a Ragnarok collaboration going on so you’re gonna see these slimes here look at that airdrop I love to grab that I don’t think we’re gonna go way over there we’ll take some sniper ammo absolutely I really do not want this gun though I want a VSS and I feel like they’re usually at the top of these little areas here but not today anybody around FG doing a little survey little survey of the land not seeing much of anything that’s okay 36 people alive so people are still here and I’m kind of flabbergasted that I didn’t see more people in this blue area like I’m right here this is worse where the accents supposed  to be let’s reload this real quick cuz I feel like we’re gonna start seeing some action oh it’s a bolt action it’s a bolt action you didn’t know that FG I didn’t Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe he’s fighting someone else he might think that someone else shot him oh crap someone else was shooting him you think someone’s gonna come for his loot I don’t know FG what do you think I don’t know either but he definitely got shot from over here that was my kill well I’m not gonna go in that same place see if we can’t find the guy that killed him he doesn’t look like he’s gonna come to loot his uh oh yes he is there you go if I can get just right on this hill where do you go oh I see him this bolt-action I’m this is why one of my VSS didn’t you got to be SS dude can you talk to me are you dead all right hide behind that rock how the hell my rock how about Anna all right take a look circle is not getting too small just yet um 31 people alive at the moment there is I don’t I don’t care about that drop at the moment let’s go loot the body there let’s go loot the corpse Oh someone is shooting someone let’s get with VSS VSS VSS dang it no bullets what was that noise FG no blitz up here either yes we got a little bit of bullets stand up I don’t know where that guy was shooting from [Laughter] there’s two people fighting each other let’s go get winter what the heck is that no oh I’m in the danger zone mm-hmm there’s someone right there too let’s go find switch weapons cuz we’re gonna be very close to him he’s fighting someone they see me he was low from the other encounter he was taking there’s someone else over there over switch to VSS dang it go back go back over over take some of this loot take some elute he’s going in the building he’s not going in the building what the heck he’s shootin I don’t know he think I think he thought maybe someone else was shooting huh calm down Siri I don’t need you hope someone else was shooting them Giga Gigot everybody chill everybody chill relax relax relax you’re the you’re the only person panic in FG 14 people alive we got this we’re safely into the circle let’s go get his loot real quick you got any SMG ammo feeling very good about that foregrip up up up up VSS activate I gave my position away for no reason over mmm we’re in chase mode chill chill chill behind the street pound the tree go behind the tree go behind the tree over chase I’m giving chase and give me chase he’s fighting someone else UAV UAV spotted me you having spotted me over reload as if I’m in a squad as if I’m in a squad we got old people alive Oh God he got out of the truck DSS switch I don’t know why what the heck was going on there I’m not 100% sure if they’re so BOTS in a rant that felt very body he got out of the vehicle and he just stood there I’m not sure about that look at Tana already got a VSS what you don’t FG I want the katana this game is silly too that’s another reason why I like it look at this I’m literally I have a  katana why I’ve used it a couple of times but it’s very hard to look at another stock very hard to use it and chase people at the same time unfortunately alright VSS activated over scan the scandal and skin the land we got nine people alive scanning scanning there are two very nice air drops right over there seemed like a death trap FG but it also could be it’s like literally like right there and they open – OH see someone see someone spot it I see em I see em I see em I see em I don’t know who he’s fighting against doesn’t matter over Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe I want that this is a mistake this is a mistake definitely was a mistake there’s a weapon there that I’ve never used before do I dare use it now I got no ammo for this one what is this weapon Gore’s ax I don’t know what this is I’ve never used it before dang it this is not the time to be testing stuff FG well when is the time what is the time alright gotta be a time okay we’re safely in the circle eight people alive I have no vision on any foes no vision on any foes there’s another airdrop you can’t pin after use now man I can’t pick what you know what you don’t know it’s doing you know that’s not me I got a grenade I’m not really good at using grenades in this game I gotta be honest – times scope for my weapon that I’ve never used before but we’re in kind of close range right now if anybody pops out oh no I saw someone I heard someone this is bad I don’t want to do what I’m doing I don’t oh yes I do you say yes I do you’re real quiet after you oh I hate this weapon I hate it I hate it Oh God let me out let me out let me out look at all those red thingies I don’t like it I don’t like it hold on I’m gonna reset my position use some med kits I do not like this weapon it’s it spreads too much we got to go for the VSS until we can find something better I don’t like the parkour in this game at all net tease is way better at that he killed someone he just killed someone stay low stay like right under this little little hill I don’t think anyone’s gonna be able to see me from here unless they’re high but there’s not really a good place for them to go hi oh I see someone red magic three red magic three let’s keep it moving keep it moving there’s four people alive four people alive over gonna be our first ranked match win over getting ahead of yourself there you’re right I hate this weapon why did I pick it up I don’t want it I don’t want it let them kill each other hangin a case suck – as far as sprite is concerned there on the side switch to the VSS someone’s on top of the roof – if they’re just killing each other absolutely just killing each other someone’s like on the roof yeah someone’s on the roof someone’s on the roof someone’s on the roof the guy the last person alive is on the roof I don’t know how to get up there who you yelling at FG oh no you have it ladies and gentlemen that is a look at a free-fire that was actually a lot of fun my first ranked match Oh God why so loud why so loud my first ranked match win I was actually pretty fun very very nice in addition this game also has team deathmatch it also has zombies as well so it’s more than just a battle royale game but I don’t really play these games – oh I unlocked pets do I get a free pet I got a free pet and I just hit the level where I can unlock the waifu let me see what she’s all about arms-dealing so her buff so this game you have special characters 30a our  ammo will not take up inventory space so that’s what she’s all about so we’ll go ahead and claim our new waifu in this game of course you do have different types of costumes as well I’ve gotten a lot of stuff for free truth be told I did top up in this game I’m already a hardcore whale because I’ve been having so much fun so I smacked down photos ladies and gentlemen so I’m all the way in this is the only battle royale game that I’ve played thus far in my little journey that I’ve actually spent any money on this is the only one so that’s actually pretty encouraging for me I would say so let’s see what she looks like so there she is the new little wife through there and like I said in this game just like all these battle royale games they’re definitely kind of predicated on the fact that a lot of people just gonna enjoy dressing up you got this Ragnarok Online little hat that’s currently going on I was using a little ears there you got different masks everything that you see here I got for free yeah everything there’s one exception but I don’t think we’re gonna see it with her so different tops a lot of them are limited time use here however but you get a lot of them every single day so it’s not that big of a deal that they don’t last forever but there are some permanent ones here as well that’s actually very very cool hello so there you go ladies and gentle oh cool so there you go ladies and gentlemen boys and girls that is a look at free fire what I consider to be the most fun most fun battle royale games currently on the market of course if you want to go were like like I said the Tecla and a technical aspect I feel like puppies still better but I’m having a lot of fun with free fire and I’m gonna cue right back up as soon as this video is over so see you next time I’m out.

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