Attack On Titan Apk Download

 Hello Gamers, Welcome back again and in this new blog we are going to talk about a new and most popular game Attack on titan. This is not a official game, a fan made game which is most realistic and existing to play.

Game:- Attack On Titan

Mode:- Offline

Version:- 1.0

Device:- Android

Size:- 100MB

According to lore, over 2,000 years prior to the present day, a young woman came into contact and made a deal with the ‚ÄúDevil of All Earth”, becoming the first of humanoid giants. Her powers were used by her King to establish the Empire. When she died, her abilities were passed on, manifesting into Nine individual forms; each with their own special traits. The power of the titans was kept by the Royal family for centuries.


Realistic Graphics

Smooth Gameplay

Easy to Control

Attack on Titan Game Apk

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