How To Download GTA Vice City Trilogy Remastered Definitive Edition On PC/Laptop, Minimum System Requirements, Release Date, Features

 How To Download GTA Vice City Trilogy Remastered Definitive Edition On PC/Laptop, Minimum System Requirements, Release Date, Features

12 Important Things To Know Before Download GTA VC Trilogy On PC/Laptop

– You ever play GTA Vice City?

Well, the remaster Definitive Edition is releasing soon and we’re going to break down

some necessary information. Hi folks, it’s Falcon and today on Gameranx, GTA Vice City Definitive Edition 10 Things You Need to Know. 

1. Now for some, this might seem a little silly, but there are actually multiple generations of gamers who have not played this game. So we’re gonna get them ready for the rerelease. We’ve got the new trailer and old footage, but I want to make it clear, we’re not going to spoil anything from the original game. So let’s get started off with number 10, the story is a huge upgrade from Grand Theft Auto III.  You play as Tommy Vercetti, voiced by Ray Liotta, who is sent down to Vice City from his home in Liberty City, the main location from GTA 3, by his boss Sonny Forelli, to stake a claim in the booming drug trade going on in the city. It’s heavily influenced by the movie Scarface. And you could see eighties influences pretty much everywhere.

The setting combined with the era the game takes place in really goes a long way in

creating a unique atmosphere. And even though the game is a prequel to the events of GTA 3,

you really don’t need to play that game to know what’s going on here. Other than a few

references here and there, it’s a completely separate story. so there’s no real

issue with starting here if that’s what you want to do.

This is the game where parody elements really started to show themselves in Grand Theft Auto. I mean, you can see them in Three, but not on the level of this. Like you see eighties

action movie parodies, billboards that make fun of like all of the politics and policy of the time. You got tons of businesses with joke names, clearly meant to sound dirty. The game has a real story and it’s not just goofy nonsense but there is a lot of humour.

2. Is the music. Now, one of the biggest things that make Vice City stand out is its music. This has pretty much been a tradition since Vice City. Not that I dislike Grand Theft Auto III’s soundtrack, it’s unique and interesting for its own reasons, but here is where we got

some of the best music from the eighties like legitimately one of the best collections out there for people who love eighties music. And as of right now, we don’t know for sure how complete the soundtracks are going to actually be. 

Rockstar has been known to cut songs from new releases in classic games because

of music rights issues, but either way, the soundtrack should probably still remain excellent even

if it’s missing a few songs.

We just don’t know yet. Keep in mind that Grand Theft Auto has more cash on hand now than ever. And this is a very hyped release.

It may not go that way but this stuff was nostalgic back when the game first came out. So it’s basically ancient. It’s a lot of awesome memorable music though. And it’s probably one of the best things about the game, hands down. If anything, it might introduce a new audience to some of the best music from that decade.

Now, you may not love it I’ll say because there are people who don’t enjoy eighties music, but it does create a great atmosphere for the game, which does take place in the 1980s. 

3. Thre are some gameplay updates.  From everything we’ve heard, it sounds like Vice City will mostly play the same as the original version. Most of the changes seem to be in the graphics and controls rather than in the missions or gameplay.

So how the game actually plays should remain the same. You drive around an open world, you pick up missions, you steal cars, you do side jobs, all that stuff looks unchanged.

So don’t go into this one thinking they’ve rebuilt the game from the ground up. It’s Vice City with a new coat of paint. Now with the Definitive Edition, Vice City definitely does look better than ever. It’s got, all-new character models. Some that people are making fun of. Like some people think the main character Tommy looks fat.

There’s also new vehicle models, a totally new lighting system, dynamic weather, better reflections, longer draw distance. One of the big things though in terms of improving the environment is adding higher quality textures and foliage. So that like green area

looks more vibrant. There’s a lot of improvements to go around. And the difference is pretty impressive if you compare the original game to the Definitive Edition. Now the controls, like I said, are receiving some updates, basically making it so the game functions a little more like GTA V, like there’s a wheel for the weapons and radio rather than being forced to cycle through it like in the original, the auto-aiming is more responsive, and you can use some of the

Switch specific features to do stuff like navigate menus with touch controls and aim using the gyroscope. Although I don’t see myself doing that. So while there does appear to be a lot of quality of life type updates, the basics are going to remain unchanged and that’s great.

Download GTA Vice City Trilogy Remastered Definitive Edition On PC/Laptop

4. The Vice City world breakdown and size layout areas such. It’s relatively small if you’re used to the world of Grand Theft Auto V but even though it’s set on only two islands compared to Grand Theft Auto III’s three islands, it is bigger in general than the first of the 3D Grand Theft Autos. Even when taking into account the amount of water on the map. One of the things people really like about Vice City is how generally easy it to get around it is. The whole city is basically a big loop and there’s a lot of distinct landmarks and locations that make it

fairly simple to navigate. Because of the way the city’s built, you won’t be spending a lot of time checking your map to figure out how to get somewhere, just going in the general direction is usually enough. There’s a lot of memory locations to visit, too. Like there’s an oceanside beach, there’s a stadium, the Malibu Club, which you can actually go inside and see a live show, an entire golf course, and a huge mall to check out. The whole place is a huge step up from GTA 3. There’s so much variety and life to the environments in this game. Even though it’s bigger than the previous game, it’s obviously much smaller than GTA 4 and 5 but in some ways that actually makes it more fun.

5. Is weapons. Going on a rampage is a big part of the appeal of a GTA game. Just grabbing some weapons and doing as much damage as possible. The arsenal here is greatly

expanded compared to the three. There’s a ton of melee weapons, which are fun to play around with. Most fun’s obviously the chainsaw, which is the perfect

weapon for going nuts with. There are grenades.

There’s a remote grenade specifically, which is great for getting away from the blast radius before you detonate. The usual selection of shotguns, handguns, assault rifles, submachine guns, stuff like the TEC-9 and Uzi are especially good in this game because of how much more

manoeuvrable you are with them. And the fact they can be used to shoot forward while driving a motorcycle, that’s also great. When you really want to go on a rampage, heavy weapons are the

best, the flame thrower, minigun, and rocket launcher specifically, they’re all kind of slow to

use but totally devastating against pretty much anything.

The game can throw at you. All told there are more than 30 weapons in Vice City and while not all of them are great, a lot of this stuff is just fun to screw around with. 

6. There’s a lot of vehicles you can use. Probably one of the biggest upgrades from GTA 3 to Vice City is

all the vehicles they added. Instead of just driving around cars everywhere, you can now pilot

helicopters, motorcycles, mopeds, variety of speedboats.

The grand total was particularly impressive for the time, approximately 101 vehicles. That’s a lot to work with. And outside of the normal stuff, there are a few basically joke vehicles to try out as well. Like you can actually drive around one of those little baggage handler cars at the airport. You can steal a golf cart off the golf course. They don’t do anything but the fact you can drive them at all is a lot of fun. The two best vehicles are, of course, the heavy military ones.

There’s the Rhino Tank returning from GTA 3 and the new Hunter Attack Chopper. They can blow anything away. They’re pretty tough to get normally. And that’s why Rockstar made it so easy to cheat in these games.

 7. Your goal in this game is to take over the city. One of the biggest new features added to Vice City is that you could buy up assets around the city that had their own set of missions. If you complete them, they automatically generate money. The feature doesn’t become available until fairly far into the game, but it’s a huge part of the game and adds a small layer of strategy into everything. It’s up to you which asset you want to buy first. Each one creates a different amount of money, too. Having to go around and manually collect your take can be a little annoying, but it is free money and at least getting around the city is nice and easy. Without spoilers, we will say that buying a property is one of the requirements you have to do to actually beat the game. You don’t have to buy every place, but if you want to see the ending, then you’ll need to buy up a good chunk of the places around town.

This whole feature was a really cool addition that made the game feel like you were in charge of a criminal empire instead of just a goon taking orders. You’re the guy building an empire in this game, rather than being a foot soldier doing the grunt work. I mean, you’re still doing all the work, but at least you’re getting the reward this time. 

8. There are a ton of side jobs and activities. When you’re not doing the main mission, there’s a lot of other stuff to do in Vice City. A lot of the side jobs like a paramedic, vigilante, taxi driver, returned from GTA 3 and there are new ones like pizza boy, which give you new ways to make money. Another new feature is that you can rob certain stores, like you just go in, point your gun at them, and they’ll give you some money, but do not try it at Ammu-Nation. They’re a little more difficult to deal with. The stadium isn’t just there for show either, you can actually participate in a few events inside. There are also street races, assassination missions, collectables, rampages, and unique jumps as well.

So there’s a lot to do here. The amount of stuff that’s in this game is a huge jump from GTA 3.

And there are all-around more things to do that are just interesting in general.

9. If you want to know what you have to do to get a hundred per cent completion, again, keep it spoiler-free. It can take a while. How long to beat it generally says about 40 hours to do absolutely everything depending on how focused you are, but to do it you’ve got to complete every mission, which includes all the asset missions and side missions.

There’s a rifle range you have to earn 45 points in. There are seven safe houses to buy, and you have to rob all 15 stores in Vice City. It’s a lot of stuff altogether, but in comparison to a lot of open-world games, these days that can take hundreds of hours to finish, getting everything in Vice City isn’t really that bad.

And finally at number one is housekeeping. The Definitive Edition of Vice City is coming out on pretty much every platform digitally on November 11th, on PlayStation 4 and 5, X-Box One, Series X, Series S, and PC in the Rockstar Games Launcher. Unlike GTA 3 and San Andreas, Vice City won’t be coming free to any platform. San Andreas is going on Xbox Game Pass and GTA 3 will be on PlayStation Now, but Vice City, you have to buy the Definitive Edition Collection. The physical version of the entire trilogy comes out December 7th for Switch, PS4, and Xbox consoles. And it’s also going to be released on iOS and Android sometime next year.

10. Minimum System Requirements To Run GTA VC Trilogy on PC

 Now for PC, the system requirements are pretty surprising. 

1. Windows 10, 64 bits a minimum requirement, and it requires 45 gigs of disk space for all three games.


2. Recommended video cards are an Nvidia GTX 970

or the Radeon RX 570. 

Neither is particularly cutting edge, but still pretty steep for what are now 20-year-old games.

Even if these are basically the same old games, the graphics upgrades are pretty significant though. And that does show in their system requirements.

Download GTA Vice City Trilogy Remastered Definitive Edition On PC/Laptop

11. Release Date Of GTA VC Trilogy Remastered For Pc/Laptops

The GTA trilogy remastered release date is 11 November 2021. Note that this Date was confirmed officially by the rockstar games what is the GTA trilogy remastered release date?

12. How To Download GTA Vice City Trilogy Remastered – Pc/Laptop

If you want to download the GTA trilogy remastered on pc then just follow the instructions given below:

Step 1: Firstly Download The GTA trilogy remastered Apk through the download button appearing on this article.

Step 2: Then Simply Complete The Steps to get the download link.

Step 3: After completing all the steps you will get your download link simply go through it and download your game.

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