How To Create Facebook Account On Mobile Step By Step – All In One Guide

How To Create Facebook Account On Mobile 2020

Create Facebook Account On Mobile
Create Facebook Account On Mobile

Hello friends, welcome to this new blog today. Today, we are going to discuss how to create a Facebook account by using mobile.

Facebook is a very important thing in today’s internet world and now a days children from the age of 13 to 65 years old use Facebook. 

Nowadays, communication with each other is done with the help of social media. The exchange of ideas is facilitated with the help of Facebook.

Why You Need To Create Facebook Account ?

Facebook is not just entertainment but it is playing a vital role in growing the business. If anyone wants to start his own business, reach out to various people through Facebook. Many people are increasing their business through Facebook and many have made millions. Through Facebook, you can create a page in the name of your business and supply your goods and services on it.

Opening an account on Facebook has become essential in today’s modern world and it is free. There is no charge for opening an account on Facebook.

Today, I am going to tell you that through mobile you have your own Facebook account or business account

If you want to open your own Facebook account or Facebook account in the name of your business, then this post is for you., After reading this post in full, you know how to open a Facebook account

How To Create Facebook Account 2020 [ Step By Step ]

Steps For How to create Facebook account are as follows:-

Step 1: – Open any browser in your mobile and search on After that, the Facebook homepage will open on your screen.

How To Create Facebook Account On Mobile
Step 2: – When the homepage is open, create a new account option and click on it.

Step 3: – After this you will be asked for your name and last name and fill in the complete information and then click the next option.

How To Create Facebook Account On Mobile

Step 4: After that, you need to enter your date of birth and click on the next option.

How To Create Facebook Account On Mobile
Step 5:- You will be asked for your mobile number. If you want to enter email-id in place of a mobile number, next to the button you have to click on sign-up with the email option. 

How To Create Facebook Account On Mobile

Step 6:- After that you should select the gender. Next we need to add a new password and sign-up.

How To Create Facebook Account On Mobile

Step 7:- After clicking on sign-up, your Facebook account will be open, but before entering an otp on the mobile number you have given, then your Facebook account is ready after Click on Enter.

Step 8:-  Next, add your picture by clicking on add profile picture option. Remember that this is going to be your Facebook profile picture i.e. your Facebook ID.

Step 9:- Your Facebook account is set up but before that you need to do some privacy settings. This means that if you want to share your information and you want to share it with the public, only friends, friends of friends or only me.
  • Public:- In this if you add any post, then everyone is able to see it.
  • Only Friends:- In this only your Facebook friends are able to see your post.
  • Only me:- Only you will see your post on this.

Features of Facebook

  • You can contact and interact with anyone from around the world.
  •  You can share your feelings by sharing pictures and by post.
  • You also share your location with the help of new live location feature.
  • Business can be enhanced through creating your business page.


Thanks for Read this post till end. In this article we are discussed about how to make Facebook account and all features of Facebook and why everyone necessary to make Facebook account. I hope after reading this article all questions are answered. If you have any questions then ask in comment section. Thank You.

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